Paediatric Hypnotherapy TISPH Reg.

Hypnotherapy for Children and Adolescents.

Children and young adults are both imaginative and open minded, they seek guidance and embrace change.

Parents are often confused and bewildered by the options of therapy available, and sometimes have difficulty in discerning between serious mental health problems and more common behavioural issues. They might also be frustrated by the lack of ‘NHS’ help available, and if it is available, the extended waiting times for treatment makes this option often impractical.

Year on year, more parents are turning to hypnotherapy to help their children overcome behavioural problems, increase confidence and tackle anxiety.

The International Society of Paediatric Hypnotherapists was set up to keep a global register of appropriately trained hypnotherapists from around the world. So that people can find qualified hypnotherapists near them, so that they can get the help for Children easily and with confidence.
Every hypnotherapist on the register has undergone extensive training in paediatric hypnotherapy and has passed their examination.

Paediatric hypnotherapy most often involves helping a child to effortlessly change habits, eradicate discomfort and physical symptoms. The child learns to use relaxation techniques and mental images similar to a daydream or fantasy to enter an “altered mental state”.

The child may also need specific information about their problem, as a means of helping them learn to exercise control over their body. For example, a child with nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) may be taught the basic anatomy and function of the bladder.

What are the typical problems that are treated by paediatric hypnotherapists?

Hypnotherapy has been used to treat hundreds of behavioural disorders.

Common behavioural problems:-
Habits including thumb-sucking
Trichotillomania (hair-pulling)
Nocturnal enuresis (bed-wetting) and Encopresis (soiling)
Sleep terrors
Nightmares, and other sleep disturbances
Swallowing problems
Eating issues, food aversions, and choking
Anxiety and stress
Confidence building
Dyslexia related issues
Self harm
Compliance with medication
Weight issues
Exam nerves
Nail biting
Fears and phobias
Problems associated with learning difficulties
Parents and Guardians.
TISPH registered Paediatric Hypnotherapists are specialist trained, insured and meet all requirements for paediatric practice.

Stella says;
I favour an holistic approach, and I know – as perhaps you do too – that physical, mental, and emotional pain aspects are very influential in causing many different ‘knock-on’ effects to those around us.
My extra experience in different therapies is more efficient in both value and time, and this means I can see the health of each child / teen from a variety of different aspects, and so choose the special treatment or combination of therapies.

Please text or phone for times and cost – a first, more lengthy appointment might be one and a half hours and so cost £40.00. This allows for a comprehensive case study being recorded and questions explained in an understandable way for all.
Thereafter costs are time oriented.

Contact Stella – see top of page.

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