Quit Smoking

So, to begin with ask yourself these questions, it will help you to think about the subject. Then you can decide what you want to do about it.

How many cigarettes a day do you smoke?

When did you start?

What do you get from smoking?

What frightens you about smoking?

What is important to you about stopping smoking?

How will you life be different when you stop smoking?

What are the advantages of stopping smoking?

What are the disadvantages of stopping smoking?

What are the advantages of continuing smoking?

What are the advantages of not continuing smoking?

Does the expense of smoking bother you?

What would you do with the money instead of burning it?

Do you really want to stop?

What has been stopping you in the past?

Are you tired of smoking?

Do you feel that you would like to experience the inner you – the healthy self – come out of a grey cloud?


Hypnotherapy is scientifically proven to be the most effective way of becoming a non-smoker:

“Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit.  It turns out that willpower counts for very little!” ~ New Scientist vol 136  – issue number 1845.

But the most important thing is this…

… it works!

Yes, there will be times when, perhaps due to a nasty stressful event, the urge to smoke will come over you suddenly and unexpectedly, life happens.

The new way you are then able to deal with this kind of emotional upsurge is taught within the hypnosis appointment/s, under the heading of “self-help”, and I teach this to all my clients – regardless of their situations, which makes far more options and opportunities in life.

Perhaps you hate smoking, but feel you need it? Maybe you used to enjoy it, but now you don’t… Perhaps many of your friends have now quit. There is a commitment that is needed – nobody can MAKE you stop – the desire has to come from within.

Smoking encompasses both a chemical addiction and a psychological dependency. I use a thorough approach, which tackles both aspects of the habit. It works by completely removing the desire to smoke, leaving you feeling happier and healthier than ever before.

You CAN kick this habit… for good!
Becoming a healthy non-smoker means adding years to your life, improving your health and fitness, saving money AND smelling better. Imagine not worrying about your health. Imagine not wasting £5 or £6 per day on cigarettes.

You will have more energy. More vitality, more shine. You will grow stronger… healthier… richer… Most of all you will feel good about yourself… Being a non-smoker means freedom from addiction.

Consciously, you may have the desire to stop smoking, but something still drives you towards negative behaviours and habits.

We can teach you the self-help techniques through hypnosis and NLP that can boost your determination and motivation to stop smoking, and give you the tools to stay stopped for good.

Of course you have to want to stop, and that is where hypnosis and NLP can help you by reducing any cravings, and helping you to focus on all the reasons why you want to stop.

More smokers now want an ongoing support system that the ‘Stop Smoking in an Hour’ sessions do not provide. The therapist needs to know how successful you have been after the first appointment, and can help you to deal with any issues that may arise, such as overeating.

I offer you more support than most, in the fact that I see you over two sessions and not just one, which in my opinion is more thorough and lasting. People with any other addiction get plenty of support in the first few weeks, and smokers also need this kind of encouragment and support.

NOTE: Willpower is not required – just your commitment.

Some questions I often am asked are …

Do I still need will-power in order to achieve my objectives?
Some deciding is required, but the beauty of hypnosis is that through accessing the sub-conscious mind it is easy to alter the negative patterns, which have held you back in the past and replace them with positive ones empowering you to attain your goal. Weight control would look at all aspects of compulsions etc, bearing in mind that we need to be sensible regarding the intake of certain foods that we know are needing limitation.

Can hypnosis help me in my business, sports, or social life?
Yes! Hypnosis, removes the emotional obstacles that often prevents talented people from achieving their potential.

How many sessions will I need?
For becoming a non smoker I prefer to use 2 sessions for lasting effect, weight concerns need 5/6 sessions to fulfil the correct programme. Life style / confidence / depression 7 or more sessions may be required to resolve some deep rooted problems. Addictions of various kinds are ‘open ended’ which means we assess together as we go along.

So why is hypnotherapy so effective?
Advanced hypnotherapy is so effective because the body responds to instructions from the mind. These instructions can be reprogrammed through advanced hypnosis, and the body automatically follows the new and positive pattern.

Can hypnosis make me do anything against my will?
No! You will always remain in full control and can come out of hypnosis at anytime you choose. The very fact that you have made a decision to use hypnotherapy means that you have exercised your own willpower and made a commitment to just that, remain in control.

Change Your Life – through Hypnosis Therapy. A powerful tool for powerful change.

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