Lose Weight

Just why do some people have weight problems?

Well, we all have a built in need to eat, and the very early thoughts and feelings that go with this need, sometimes from as far back as babyhood, have of course to be pleasant, this is the survival instinct coming in. Our body image is abl

e to affect us in the most positive or negative ways, when we ‘see’ ourselves as failures we are inclined to give up.

The opposite of this is the vain person who ‘sees’ themselves as perfect!

Extremes of attitude to any subject can be adjusted through re-evaluing ourselves and is greatly assisted through

hypnotherapy, confidence and lack of it are emotional issues which are addressed through the unconscious mind by making use of the ‘built-in’ self preservation programme which we all have, it is not in our own interest to cause pain to any aspect of our being, be that physical or emotional.

I also teach the self-help methods that are so effective when stress ‘kicks in’, options that make a most empowering change to any aspect of our lives!

You probably can’t remember with your conscious mind how you behaved in those early years when eating patterns were established.

But the information is stored in our unconscious minds just waiting there, and collecting around these memories might be good thoughts, or sometimes they could be uneasy or even destructive ones. The subject of food is so emotive, and it needs to be in perspective so that it is a pleasant experience, and not an obsession.

Sadly, unpleasant thoughts are good at masking the much-needed pleasant emotions that are associated with food and eating, as in the case of anorexia nervosa. The opposite extreme of overeating to the detriment of our health – diabetes etc – might be masking something else entirely, a fear perhaps.

Whatever the habitual association with food that has got attached, ‘unhooking’ them can be done with a little time and patience. Thinking about food and worrying about it a lot of the time is actually taking up a lot of energy, so this can be very debilitating and even destructive at times, bad habits are so much easier to get into than good ones, aren’t they?

You might have picked up a sensationalised picture of hypnosis from the media or stage shows. Please put that out of your mind, it’s a really enjoyable as well as powerful experience.

A deep trance is not necessary, in fact we all have plenty of practice of a light trance, and go into light trance states any time that we’re absorbed in or focusing on something, for example while you are looking at this article now…

You may have tried many different methods for trying to lose or gain weight without success. I have a programme of five or six sessions to offer you, which will help you to re-programme your mind successfully, helping you to make natural and easy choices in the way you think, feel and behave.

Clients report that even after one session they are thinking about food in an entirely new way which naturally helps to make more healthy choices with food, and that means the changes are easier.

Eating disorders are not only to do with overeating. They can also include bulimia and anorexia. I have successfully

treated clients with all kinds of problems where emotional issues run deep. Some take a little longer than others – rest assured you will be on the road to success as quickly as is possible!

You are actually getting, in my clinic, so many complementary therapists for the price of one. Very few people study more than one of the ‘big’ alternative treatments such as Acupuncture, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Hypnotherapy, or NLP; I don’t know of any others who have studied more than two. Added to which, some newer methods such as EFT can be extremely rapid and powerful.

And how does that help you?

It’s more efficient, both in time and value. It means I can see your health from a variety of angles and choose the

treatment, or combination of treatments, that will work best for you and produce the most powerful results in the shortest time. You receive my full and warmest attention.

These tips below for changing weight are strictly suggestions and must not be taken as medical advice. They have been collected from various sources and experts but it is essential that before starting any kind of weight or exercise plan, that you seek advice from a medical professional first.

Healthy diets are so much better than weight loss diets!

Stop dieting. Diets have a very low rate of long-term success when it comes to weight loss, based as they are on denial,

willpower and frequently bizarre combinations and types of foods.  What happens when you have achieved the weight loss and stop the diet?  If you go back to your ‘normal’ eating habits, chances are the weight will go back on, leading to yo-yo dieting.

Stop seeing diets as a short term fix to weight loss – there’s no such thing.  Focus instead on a combination of sensible eating and exercise for sustainable and gradual weight loss as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Concentrate on the quality of your food, rather than quantity.  Eat the best quality food you can afford, go for fresh

ingredients and avoid processed food.  A little of what you fancy does you good, but limit treats such as junk food to occasional indulgences.

Think about your current exercise routine – It’s scientific

If you want to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume – it’s a simple equation.  The best way to do this without resorting to punishing eating patterns is to increase your level of physical activity through exercise.  You can achieve results by adding small amounts of exercise, say 30 minutes 3-5 times per week – find something you can enjoy and will be able to keep up.

Increasing your exercise levels will have many other benefits; overall you will become fitter and healthier, have more energy, feel better about yourself and will probably not feel hungry all the time.  If you focus on exercise, and other things in your life such as friends, family, hobbies and interests, you will become more fulfilled and food will not become such an important factor.

Don’t use food as an emotional crutch.  Recognise the times that you tend to eat when you are not hungry – when you are bored, angry, upset, anxious, stressed or lonely.  Identify these triggers and when you feel them coming on, do something else.  Phone a friend if you are on your own, have a relaxing bath if you are feeling stressed, exercise if you are frustrated or upset.  Food will make you feel better only temporarily, if at all.

The best way to alter your weight – Set achievable goals

When thinking about losing or gaining weight, define what your real goals are.  Do you really want the changes, or do you actually want to feel more confident, be fitter, or look good in certain clothes?  You may find that adopting a healthier lifestyle and increasing your exercise doesn’t actually change the figures on the scales, but that you have more energy, have altered shape and start to look more toned and firm.  Set positive goals, rather than just wishing there was more or less of you.  This really is the best way for you to be more confident about yourself.

Once you have defined what you want to achieve, set specific goals and timescales, but make sure these are realistic.  Having defined and achievable goals will help to motivate you.  The most common tip you will hear from someone who has lchanged their weight, or a professional who has helped someone else to lose weight is ‘Have a plan and set achievable goals’.

Another well kept secret tip is this; don’t actually think of it as losing anything, think of it as gaining something … a new you!

The cost of treatment is dependant on the monetary resources of the client. I have helped many people through the holistic healing approach, from the busy man working all day in his office, who has a hidden fear of public speaking, to the retired farmer who’s back pain has troubled him all his working life.

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