Having an Operation?

Would you like to go to the dentist / doctor / hospital without fear?

Would you like to breeze through the doors with a smile on your face?

Perhaps that second one is a bit optimistic, but … “no worries!” … is within your grasp!

Let me explain, some of the biggest deterrents to healing are the emotions of fear and worry.

Fear is an inhibiter, which actually prevents the normal actions of the body performing even the simplest of ordinary functions. [There are many examples of this in everyday life, symptoms of these maladies might be stomach ulcers- IBS – eczema – asthma – bedwetting, I could go on.]

There are two uses for hypnosis where an anticipated event / operation is to happen.


Fear in anticipation of an event can have its very useful function where caution is necessary, but in the pre-operative process it is actually a barrier. Instructions from the doctor no matter how clear they might be to the outsider, are not just not heard by the patient who is in a fearful state, this is why its good advice to take a companion with you when the results of any tests are expected.

The thought of a dentist, hospital, or even just blood, in some people can stimulate a very strong physical reaction, heart palpitations, vomiting, feinting, and fear is a close relative of panic., who needs to be told that?

Worry comes from the mind in sometimes unexpected ways, we can try to put away that ‘little op’ to the back of the thinking parts, but it will pop up at odd times when the brain is at rest, and we are caught unawares!

Many people think it’s brave to ignore a strong fear, and then find perhaps even a long time later that it again pops up to haunt us, post traumatic distress is better understood these days.


The regeneration of clean new tissues in the body is stimulated through the immune system, it is triggered by the body’s natural abilities, and these again can be inhibited through any emotion that restricts.

Fear, anger, panic, grief, and worry are all enemies of the natural cycle of life; we cannot function normally in any of those states.

How do we avoid them?

“Put your mind at rest” says the specialist, that’s easier said than done; yet there are ways through the inner ‘doors’ of the unconscious to do this. It is part of our inbuilt human being mental-physical system that self preservation will win most of the time, and this is made use of by contacting that part of us that actually wants to help, not hinder us!

By visiting the hypnotherapists clinic some time in advance (as much time as possible here) self-hypnosis can be taught and actual visualisation / hypnosis utilised, all thats needed is a little practice.

Individual tapes / discs can be made to play as many times as needed at home, where surroundings are most conducive. Then also recordings can be made to speed healing after the event, when visits to the practitioner are perhaps not practical.

For “Interex” direct pain relief, with the ‘no needles’ therapy, go to the site >>> www.acupuncture-in-east-sussex.com

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